“Our mission is simple - To serve God and others while creating positive experiences and lifelong memories for the Artist and the Fan."  

- Kandace Sage, CEO, Bright Knight Group

Bright Knight Group and its members collectively offer a vast range of experience from large venue performances to intimate studio recordings. Our knowledge of music business and business management allows us to provide more opportunity to those we're fortunate enough to partner with.

Artist Management: The music industry is a great place to be creative and express one's self. Artist's dreams range from simply writing amazing songs, to occasional weekend shows, to going on that lifelong journey that becomes their career. Having the Team in place to handle the fine details and logistics of shows, legalities of a music contract, and financial transactions, allows the Artist to do what they love! The relationship Bright Knight Group strives to build will always be based on an honest approach to realizing the end goal.

Event Booking / Event Management: Artists create. Shows and events provide the venue for their outlet and the fan's opportunity to fall in love with the music. Bright Knight Group and it's production affiliates across the nation bring it all together to create memorable experiences.  From Fairs and Festivals bringing music lovers together with their favorite artists, introducing artist to new markets, or corporate events celebrating an achievement or simply showing their appreciation for their employees and partners, Bright Knight Group has successfully handled every challenge associated with almost any type and size of event.

At Bright Knight Group we specialize in business management, consultation, event management and booking. Attention to detail is our highest priority. Delivering our product with professionalism is our focus.